Dimorestudio concluded a restyling intervention at the iconic Grand Hotel et de Milan. The hall and bar areas are renovated with elegant contemporary touches, through new colours, materials, carpets and finishings, whilst preserving the historical atmosphere and essence of the spaces.

The discreet and refined Gerry?s bar now flourishes through delicate touches of pink, rust and golden hues.

A rich palette of pinks and greens, precious velvets, silks and jacquards establish a common thread between the hall and bar, infusing new life in the marble surfaces, the works of art, the 19th-century fireplace, the ancient table and the terrazzo flooring.

Bottle green and orange hues are respectively juxtaposed with bordeaux and muted pink embroidery. Compelling floral patterns on smooth fabrics adorn the hall sofas, while exotic and liberty motifs stand out on the cushions and stools of the bar area.

Furniture pieces are also embellished with fringes, which are present on newly added pastel colored lampshades in pleated raw silk.? The soft, welcoming diffused light creates a profusion of pale pink accents, the same tonality chosen for the paint of the walls.

The optical effect of the carpet revitalizes the hall with its colorful geometric patterns, both blending and contrasting with the classic ambient.

The ensemble endorses the sophisticated retropolitan allure of the private lounges ? refined after-theatre scenarios that can be fully lived until late at night.

The result is a unique intersection between past and present that perpetuates the charm and timelessness of the venue, creating an enchanting impact in a place where time seems to stand still.