Lixia Headquarter Business Centre A Unique Identity

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Architects: Rocco Design

The Lixia Headquarter sits at the periphery of the Jinan CBD Masterplan development, despite its proximity to the CBD, it is separated by a main road on the west. Located in a secluded but yet exclusive part of the CBD, the design aims to establish the headquarter towers as a unique identity with a central green public space.

Drawing the natural beauty of Jinan, the design aims to create an urban space that echoes the infamous mountains and lakes of Jinan. The curvilinear podium forms are strategically shaped to enclose the public green space in the center as a place holder. Paths and streets offer pedestrian entrances into the central green space freely from all directions.

The two 188m towers locate strategically along the masterplan axis and plaza, this anchors the HQ importance in relationship to the urban planning and at the same time interrelate the identity of the HQ with the CBD.

The facade design takes the grid as the generic design element, interplay of stone, glass, sun shading device create variations and excitement but yet unified holistically by the grid pattern.

In terms of urban space, the curvilinear podium forms is an anti-thesis and offers surprises against the backdrop of the adjacent mundane CBD masterplan.

An interlink between the podium takes form of a canopy provides connectivity and cover to the underground amenities.

Winner, International Invited Competition 2017

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