Luxury Modern Design By Charles Interiors

In the luxury area Maitama of Abuja, Charles Interiors designed a three-floors villa where the designers mixed the luxury modern design with and neo-classical one.

In the heart of Nigerian capital the villa includes a Ground hall, dining room, living room and bedrooms. Using modern technology, Charles Interiors created unique and beautiful designs of floors, walls, and ceilings, decorated with luxury furniture, lighting, and exotic decorative accessories.

As soon as you enter the place you fall in love with a gentle and refined universe. In the ground hall, a white case for a contemporary alliance of armchairs and sofas. The style and charm of the living room make it cosy and linked to aspired from the eerie charm of the rooms.

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in any home, the place where the family converges to share a meal and where friends and guests are entertained for purpose of socialization over a meal.

One of the clients’ requests was to have the bedroom for each member of the family specially designed to meet his needs, desires, and interests. The designers have taken into consideration each detail getting rooms with magnificent interiors and a relaxing atmosphere.

The results of the combination of luxurious modern style and the neo-classical style are one timeless atmosphere that unites the past of the villa with the new life it is given.

Choureh Dandache Interior Designer

At Charles Interiors, we visualize each project through a carefully evolved process in which we assess the client’s needs. Our services reflect this relentless energy through quality and advocacy for our clients.

Client satisfaction plays a key role in every aspect of our services offerings including the post-delivery maintenance that we provide.

All our services are delivered through Eco-Friendly concepts that enhance the lifestyles of our clients in harmony with nature.

Optimistic design is not a particular look, it is a movement of residential anarchy. It goes much deeper than using bright colors. It is an attitude displaying self- empowerment, nurturing a more upbeat approach to living. It is about doing things differently, to kick against what is currently on-trend. The only guiding principle is that there is no guiding principle. It is a war where a need breed of self-curating, design smart amateurs who blog about their rebellious design have led the way. They have coined the world undecorated.