The city of Medina in Saudi Arabia is pivotal to the religion of Islam for its historical significance as the migration place of the holy prophet Muhammad. Today, it is the power base of Islam and a congregation place for thousands of Muslims, who come to visit the three prominent mosques that the city is famous for?Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick Hotel is the largest hotel in the city, with an astounding 1,500 rooms to serve its guests. Located very close to the prophet Muhammad?s mosque, the hotel caters to families, individuals, and leisure groups and boasts its own three-floor shopping mall.
In light of its significance within the city of Medina, CAS was charged with upgrading the outdated design of the royal floor of the hotel by implementing a modern classic design.
The refurbished?royal suite design?is elegant and luxurious, designed to provide its guests with every conceivable comfort.


Modern classic design is characterized by a merging of classical elements (such as moldings) with clean, spacious surrounds that feature straight, orthogonal lines. This basic premise is evident throughout the?royal suite design, where modern and classic elements are seamlessly blended to create rich, inspiring spaces befitting royalty.
The entrance lobby to the royal floor sets the tone for the rest of the design. The original dark wooden doors and panels have been replaced with light white walls and expansive marble flooring. Walls are embellished with perfectly proportioned panels framed with classic moldings. An intricate geometric pattern that is characteristic of Islamic architecture adorns adjacent walls, complementing the paneled walls.
Sleek, modern furniture with gold accents adds a richness to the minimally furnished lobby. The lobby is subtly lit with concealed LED lights and downlights, which are flush-mounted in the ceiling. To emphasize the feeling of openness, the ceiling is designed as a simple, recessed rectangle that mimics the shape of the elongated lobby. The light, neutral color palette is sophisticated, conveying a feeling of spaciousness that creates a welcoming and striking first impression of the royal suite floor.

The majlis is a grand room with a predominantly light color palette that exudes calm and serenity. The large, coffered ceiling with its dropped central panel is echoed in the minimalist, carpet-like floor tiling pattern with its olive-green panel bordered by broad white panels.
Gold accents are generously used in the sleek furniture, majestic central chandelier, and the geometrically patterned mashrabiya-style panels flanking the flat-screen television. Ornate sliding doors engraved with an intricate geometric pattern act as a divider between the majlis and dining room and also serve as a splendid backdrop for a pair of classic, white armchairs.
Olive-green tufted sofas match the color on the central panel of the luxurious carpet and also set off similarly colored drapery that lines the window panels. The vibe is one of muted elegance, with a touch of grandiose provided by the gold accents.

The adjacent dining room continues with this theme, adopting the same olive-green accent color for the tufted upholstery on the dining room chairs. A backdrop of mirrors shaped as pointed arches are set in rectangular frames to introduce a hint of inspiration from Islamic d?cor. The mirrors also serve to make the room appear larger.
A solid wooden table, which is the centerpiece of the dining area, is emphasized by the rectangular, tiered chandelier that is elegantly suspended from the recessed ceiling.

The prayer room, which lies on the other side of the majlis, is a serene sanctuary of peace and calm. Designed mostly in soft shades of beige and cream, most of this restful room is covered by a luxurious central carpet. The room is lit by bright lights that are concealed in the recessed ceiling panel. A lustrous floor-to-wall painting creates a visually striking backdrop for a built-in seat adorned with cushions.
A series of pointed arches line one wall, alluding to the Islamic architectural influence, while the a opposite wall is designed as a recessed book case with open shelving.

The first royal bedroom in the royal suite design is an elaborate space divided broadly into the master bed area and the lounging area. Rich, walnut-colored parquet flooring provides a warm, welcoming feel that tastefully contrasts with the light-colored walls and ceiling. The walls are emphasized by an intricate geometric pattern and framed with a gold inlay.
The master bed is luxuriously spacious, featuring a large, upholstered headboard, which is fashioned in a light beige color. Patterned reflective panels form a glossy backdrop to the bed, which is set on a magnificent round carpet. A round chandelier above the bed further emphasizes the circular geometry of the carpet. A flat-screen television is set into a marble-paneled wall opposite the bed.
Soft, decadent fabrics line the windows, which counter the hard surfaces in the room. A curved loveseat is nestled into one corner of the room to create a relaxing lounging area. A pointed arch frames a muted, patterned, mirrored surface that forms the backdrop to the loveseat.


The royal bathroom is the ultimate in luxury. Decorated with a bold flooring pattern, the white walls are kept simple with rectangular molded panels to give the bathroom a bright, spacious vibe. White fittings (accented with gold for an opulent vibe) rest unobtrusively on the bold, patterned floor. A ribbed, gold-paneled wall provides a lavish backdrop for a stand-alone bathtub.
An olive-green upholstered loveseat offers a place to sit and adds a subtle pop of color to the predominantly white room.

The second royal bedroom is warmly decorated in rich walnut tones and juxtaposed with olive-green accents. A small seating area, which offers a cozy alcove for watching television, is situated opposite the bed. Flanked by two ornately decorated pointed arches, the television is set into a wooden wall panel that matches the color of the flooring.
The room is a delicate balance of soft and hard surfaces, comfort and grandeur, and modern and classic profiles.

Following the design style of the other bathrooms, the second bathroom also uses marble with a bold veining pattern that creates a dramatic backdrop for the white-and-gold fittings. Wall panels with classic moldings are juxtaposed with marble-veined walls to create visual impact. Mirrored surfaces reflect the bright lighting, making the bathroom seem larger and more spacious.
A decadent jacuzzi is set against a ribbed, gold-paneled wall; the gold paneling screens the jacuzzi and also picks up on the other gold accents in the bathroom.

Clean, spacious, and minimally furnished, the executive suite living room uses a white color palette with gold and olive-green accents to pack a punch. Paneled walls with classic moldings embellish the walls. The flooring is mostly white with an olive-green tiled border that matches the furniture accents.
Light fixtures are sleek and streamlined, gilded in gold to match the large, gold-framed mirrors that grace the walls. Thin-legged gold-gilded coffee tables accessorize the lounge chairs and sofas, which are covered in plush velvet upholstery.
The living room is separated into a lounging area and a cozy dining nook. An olive-green couch is tucked into a recessed niche and is flanked by two built-in bookcases with open, white shelving. Each shelf is lit with concealed LED lights.
The white surfaces reflect light, making the executive suite living room appear fresh, spacious, and brightly lit. Moreover, the clean lines of the room balance out the gentle curves of the furniture, highlighting the seamless meeting of modern and classic design.


The bathroom follows the same pattern as the other bathrooms in the?royal suite design. The lower half of the wall is tiled with heavily veined, patterned marble, while the top part of the wall has molded paneling.
White fittings with gold accents pick up on the geometrically shaped, gold light fixtures. White marble flooring with gold inlay completes the d?cor, which is chic and classy.
The merging of modern and classical d?cor elements adds an elegance and sophistication that uplifts the look and feel of the?royal suite design. White paneled walls create a formal feel, while gold accents add a generous sprinkling of luxury to the interior spaces, which are designed to provide ultimate comfort and luxury for their users.