ROBERT KOLENIK Dutch design is taking the world by storm

As it comes to sustainable interior design Robert Kolenik is leading. His signature is called Eco Chic. Preferably sustainable eclectic work, mixing and matching pure natural materials and beautiful rich fabrics like velvet, silk, moss, shells and special leathers. Kolenik creates ecological beauty with a touch of glamour.

Natural and remarkable materials, warm yet chic designs with an ecological touch. The high quality of the chosen materials in combinations with his innovative designs breathes natural and comfortable glamour. Be inspired by the grand designs of Robert Kolenik. Join us on our journey into the fabulous world of Eco Chic.

Interior design lab

Kolenik is a self made man. While studying economics he was discovered as a male model and started a successful career, which brought him to the most beautiful places in the world. When he was graduated on economics he also started to work in his fathers construction company. When his dad died in 2005 he took over the company, successfully changing it into an interior design lab.? ?As a model I travelled all over the world. I stayed in the most fabulous places, with the most fantastic interiors. Where ever I went I was in awe and took photos of everything I liked. This collection of images is still a great source of inspiration.

Different and unique ideas

With his different and stunningly unique ideas on interior design he quickly gained the attention of numerous clients. Some gorgeous examples are restaurant bar Go-ten Luxembourg and cocktail bar Demain in Nijmegen. The latter was chosen ?most beautiful cocktail bar in The Netherlands?.? And as his star rose and prices were won, bigger assignments came along. Besides prestigious private projects such as high-class villa?s and beach houses he recently finished an entire design hotel. The new and very iconic Fletcher hotel Amsterdam.

Eco board

The decor of the hotel is inspired by Kolenik?s own Eco Chic signature. ?Eco Chic is aimed at durability,? says Kolenik. ?Besides homeliness, warmth and sustainability it also stands for?minimalism and chic.? For example: Kolenik uses ?Eco board?. This board is made out of agricultural waste with natural resin. You can think of all the materials that normally would end up on the compost heap: wheat fibre, straw and already picked tomatoes plants. Eco board is biodegradable and is used to produce the couches in the new Fletcher hotel.

TV Tree in the bedrooms

The flat screen TV?s in the hotel rooms are hung up in a tree since it was not allowed to put screws in the outer wall, Kolenik came up with the idea to use trees for this. ?I went into the forest with a forester. For the shape I looked for a tree that could be anchored in the floor with its trunk and with its branches in the ceiling. I found the perfect tree in the Amsterdam Bos. This tree became the model for the ones we used in each of the 120 rooms. They have a metal core for sturdiness and to hide the cables away.


Grand ideas are the beating heart of Kolenik?s rise in the world of interior design. His adaptability and his sense of how to merge the wishes of his clients with his own Eco Chic philosophy are his strength. And while he started years ago as a common construction company in The Netherlands more and more he finds international eyes looking at the work of his interior design lab with admiration. Kolenik is taking the world by storm just as the Dutch Design, which he is proud to be part of.

Kolenik?s firm specializes in both private residences and public venues, such as clubs, hotels and restaurants. Customizing all elements helps the designer to retain full creative control of his projects.