Bruno Tarsia is an Architect and Interior Designer who is currently having a solid career in Milan. Being involved in fashion, architecture and interior styling, this man is known for his versatile and eclectic taste, not to mention the distinct services that he tackles.

Originally born in Reggio, Bruno Tarsia gave his first steps in design after a degree in architecture from the University of Mediterranea in Reggio Calabria. At 26 he flew to Milan where he would end up establishing his present career. The main factors that move him are essentially his passion for aesthetics, art and design, as well as the desire to explore new horizons and get deeply involved in everything he puts his heart to. This has heavily to do with his childhood in which he spent a good while in the carpentry shop of his grandfather doing nothing but browse through furnishing magazine.

When it comes to having a versatile career, Bruno Tarsia comes off as a very good example of a man who can handle that sort of pressure. He’s mainly known for producing editorial photo shoots, commercial catalogues, exhibitions and advertising campaigns, for many types of clients. However, being known for having a very eclectic and versatile style, Bruno also is notable for his interior design projects and showrooms he designs for private clients.

When it comes to his take on design as a whole, Bruno Tarsia always aims to have, according to his webpage description, a combination with a poetic and creative touch, imagination, reality, elegance and attention to detail. His work has been featured several times in world-renowned publications such as Marie Claire, Milk, Vogue Elle and Trend, having even been mentioned in the publications existent in other countries.

Bruno Tarsia is definitely seen as a Calabrian talent now being recognized internationally as evidenced by the fact that two of his works were published in the latest book Kaleidoscope: Living in Color and Patterns published by Gestalten. This is a weight victory for the Italian designer seen as this publication is an important work that brings together the interior works of designers from around the world.


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