Over the last 15 years, Youssra El Jouhary has emerged as a major name is the field of Interior design. An American of Arabic descent, she lived in New York in mid 90s & graduated with honors from Academy of Arts with B.Sc. degree in interior design & decor and graduate studies in the field of theatrical decor & design.
Her creativity and innovation won her several prestigious recognitions & awards in different parts of the World like New York, London, Italy and Middle East. After working with several prominent local designers, she founded her own interior design company La Maison Interiors?in 2002 exploring ground markets in New York and the UAE.

Youssra El Jouhary is a creative, innovative interior designer with sound business sense. She is also a specialist in art history, color, and space planning, combining materials with a keen eye for detail and architectural elements.

Youssra’s design philosophy is based on the belief that beauty and functionality are the ultimate goal of each design.
Having longstanding experience of working in different parts of the world her designs can fit out to any cultural preferences.

Youssra is a professional member of west Milford art Association of Interior Designers in NJ and active member of international association of arts (UNESCO).

Established in 2002 La Maison Interiors, is an American managed Interior Design company and a leader in home interior design turnkey solutions in New York (USA) and United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).

La Maison Interiors employs a full team of qualified, experienced business professionals with longstanding expertise in turnkey interior/exterios design solutions. Their designers have the talent to combine the luxury of eastern design and elegance of western taste.

At La Maison Interiors, they specialize in designing and executing Interior Design Projects for private villas, Commercial, Retail Space, Sports Facilities and luxury residential buildings of any size.

Their qualified professionals are capable of handling interior design and fit out to suit any cultural preference.

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