Outstanding simplicity and precision by Wael Farran

Interior designers are always launching creative innovations that go hand in hand with contemporary life. The open house concept which was created by world renowned interior designer Samuele Mazza with inspiration from Luigi Cavalli can be listed under this category. Now also applied in the bedroom, this style transforms the spaces into an oasis free from walls, with a comfortable and relaxing bathroom that is ideal after a long day at work. The decor elements are not only inspired from real life, but also from the ever-creative imagination of designers to further enhance this concept.

The open house design brilliantly implemented by interior designer Wael Farran conveys comfort and relaxation, free from walls and doors, but enhanced by trendy furniture elements, ornaments and colors with subtle lighting. There is currently a growing trend to apply this style in the bedroom, where the adjacent bathroom elements become connected to the room without any walls or doors separating them. This is where we witness the brilliant touch of Farran in using special materials in his design ideas.

Farran’s design is striking with its remarkable simplicity and high precision, making it harder for copycat designers to execute his design ideas. Farran’s style turns this neo-classical residence into a masterpiece boasting beautiful wood elements, which conveys an atmosphere of warmth and elegance in this place.