Bright and modern atmosphere with Jaafar Daher

Our design for this living room at Al Zahia villa providing Luxury, simplicity, and fresh environment in just one place.
Consider this sought-after stone that adds glamour with ease!
Marble has been associated with quality and luxury for thousands of years. Each piece is different, and it’s this that makes it so desirable. That’s why we have chosen it in our luxurious design.

Cool and calm. Refreshing and serene. Mellow and classy. You’ll immediately realize why whites and beiges go so well with navy blue.
Beige is a classic high-contrast partner that sets off the deep-sea hue and gives navy blue a lively lift!
These pairs describe another irresistible duo, according to color psychology.
Did you know that this shade of blue is called ‘Persian Blue’
By the way, Blues can adjust to any decor, and here it is a beautiful, rich Persian blue sofa combined with beige furniture for a bright & modern atmosphere.