Eng. Kareem Ali and paintings of creativity

There is no doubt that the science of interior design with its fixed and moving bases, and different engineering schools over time He also walked on the same highway carrying all the sciences in one ship.

Here, it was necessary to any worker in the field of decoration, especially engineers such as engineer Karim Ali to go off With the same speed to catch up with these engineering ideas that mark the features of a new era in which the whole artistic theories changed It became necessary for each engineer to draw his own world.
Large engineering projects usually require an innovative interior architect, and large areas usually impose themselves on this The engineer puts him in a big test that does not spare many of his engineers and falls into his trap who are they

The beauty of the story is told between the threads of internal engineering and the overlap of ideas between old and new and the ability of the engineer to translate dreams The owner of the house on the ground, and that philosophy linked to spaces, lines, colors, lighting and artistic final touch.

The idea of ??engineering with multiple technical orientations remain the basis in the construction of any project, regardless of sizes and sizes And budgets for its implementation. The Soul
Perhaps Engineer Karim Ali has a great racing experience in brainstorming creative ideas and implementing Most of the sketches he writes on paper come out shortly after a place where beauty and comfort rest The Soul

On a small artistic journey we travel together dear reader through creative paintings painted by the architect Karim Ali We dive into the elegant classic of lighting, decorations, engravings and furnishings specially made by the hands of a professional team and under direct supervision From it, paintings, curtains and accessories come to complement the elegant artistic engineering scene and always come out with more luxurious plans And constant regeneration.

So it is a story to tell and the engineer Karim Ali was able to write its lines in these transformed places From empty spaces to a geometric painting pulsing with creativity.
It is a small place but beautiful engineering ideas do not need a bigger place to stand out Arab and international across the world.