Italian luxury interiors in Vienna

Dome Milano Interior arrives in Vienna with a new proposal of Italian luxury interiors that, from the beginning, wanted to highlight a sophisticated and refined style. A curated selection of furniture from Italian brand collections to shape high end interior designs.

The penthouse, the protagonist of this design project, is located near the center of Vienna, in an entirely residential neighborhood, surrounded by calm green spaces, where the family with five children lives.

The project was based on careful research into Italian luxury interiors to satisfy every need and lifestyle. The feeling we sought to achieve is that of being able to find oneself in a welcoming, bright, and elegant space.

This luxury house interior project is spread over the last floors of a Viennese building and occupies the entire floor plan of the building. This particular distribution allowed for the creation of naturally luminous spaces in direct contact with the outdoor thanks to a unique wraparound terrace.

The multiple floors create dynamism inside the house and gives life to a progression of spaces. You enter into the living area, the beating heart of the apartment, and as you go up towards the other rooms, you arrive at the more private spaces of the apartment, where you find the children’s rooms and the master bedroom.

Finally, the last flight of stairs leads to a large terrace that completes the project and offers the family a peaceful open space surrounded by the greenery of the neighborhood.

Throughout the house, you can get the sense of a common theme with an exquisite taste suited to Italian luxury interiors: bronze, white and dark Emperador marble, sand-colored leather, and light, luminescent wallpaper are the common denominators of this project. We can find this alternation of colors both in the finishes and in the furnishing elements.