Let the Good Times Roll!

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Best wishes on the new year, to everyone in every country!

May this new year be a year of profound awakening filled with a greater awareness of the serious issues that we should deal with in the earliest time possible, without any delay. For solving urgent problems doesn’t have the luxury of waiting.

But let’s not be way too pessimistic…God gave us a special home in his infinite universe a home with rules, foundations, and limits. A home amazingly protected and safeguarded unlike other creations we’re aware of..

While our blue planet has been rebuilding itself every time it surrenders to the Acts of destruction of its dwellers that ruin every element of beauty created in it, this time our planet Earth will finally rise against Mankind and revenge, if we do not stop our crimes immediately and restitute to it its beauty that we have been eradicating by our own hands and before our own eye.

Each and every one of us is responsible as members of the human family.

Why do we need big unused space while we just need functional areas? Why do we surround ourselves with stones while we need more green than anything else.

What about power, water, pollution, global warming, drought and corruption in all governors and people worldwide… as if mankind is racing towards the precipice of destruction – an enevitable demolition.

What about families and those obsolete mentalities and wrong inherited beliefs of the world, and Arabs in particular. What about the powerful and powerless, while new are all helpless, rich, and poor, about to wander life in a while and wonder where did the Earth go?

We may wish you great times and beautiful days but if I may express My inner thoughts, I would say enough! Let’s wake up today and not tomorrow before it’s gone.

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