Modern Contemporary Interior Design by Global Inspirations Design

Simone Ada Baur founder of Global Inspirations Design is a multi-award-winning interior designer and the founder of Global Inspirations Design, a boutique full-service interior design firm based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Simone works internationally and remotely with private clients from all over the world on residential and vacation home projects. Her specialty is creating soulful and exceptional interiors with a global aesthetic that reflect her clients’ individual personalities, dreams, aspirations, and life journey while supporting their lifestyle. Simone’s goal is to change people’s lives one room at a time. She is able to design thoughtful and tailored spaces for her clients, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or where they live, so they can experience a ‘Sense of Home.’

“I just love when my clients’ eyes light up when they see their dream home come to life” Simone says.

She primarily works with ex-pats in Switzerland, developing tailored solutions that support their internationallifestyle while also delivering joy and a genuine sense of belonging. Simone is also passionate about creating the ultimate ‘home away from home for vacation homeowners throughout Switzerland, Europe, and the Caribbean. Her work has appeared in a number of online and print publications in Switzerland and the Caribbean, and she has been a regular guest speaker on an English-language radio show in Basel.

1- Nature and New York themed bachelor pad

Minimalist Interior Design of Modern Flat – By Global Inspirations Design

Both hues, blue and green, are cool and soothing colours that help create a relaxing ambiance. They’re therefore great colours for living room and bedroom design and quite popular in home decorating. At the same time, dark blue is a great colour to add a masculine touch to a space.

The wooden floors as well as the taupe area rug on the other hand, add warmth and coziness to the colour scheme. Not having to worry about any sticky fingers, I was able to add this light coloured rug, creating a lovely contrast against the dark wooden floors and the dark blue sofa.

Minimalist Interior Design of Modern Flat – By Global Inspirations Design

2- Colourful Interior Design

Bold colours have the power to energize a space.