Pavel Míček Architect’s paradoxical cottage

Weekend House is a traditional Polish cottage with an unconventional design, situated on an idyllic mountain landscape

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The southern part of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountain landscape is an extraordinary place, with almost no other buildings nearby with the exception of just a few scattered homesteads. From the upper part the plot borders on the road and is formed by a wild mountain meadow sloping down to a wooded shadowy gully with a flowing brook.

The design was centred in the primordial mountain atmosphere; the process was none too easy, being significantly influenced by the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area Administration and its rigid building regulations, which complicated the creative or innovative approach.

First ideas were not related to space and volume, they prioritised material selection, which could express the context and serve as a pivotal conceptual guideline; concrete and larch wood.

Blending heaviness and lightness, the concrete embodies the heavy hollow platform, partially burrowed into the earth surface, with an almost cave atmosphere. It hides larch bedroom cabins and service house spaces.

Two light larch boards, which hold the free-flowing space with open views into mountain scenery, were supported against each other on a piece of mountain rock.

The undisrupted surrounding landscape around the house continues to flow almost unnoticed. The concrete is expected to turn grey and then become overgrown with moss, the larch wood shall gain a greyish-silver patina, and the access path from sandstone stones should barely be seen in the meadow grass.

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